Based on your time off policy, your team members can apply for hourly time offs from their Freshteam Mobile App. Let’s see how this works.

Steps to Apply for an Hourly Time Off

1. Employees can open the Freshteam Mobile App and navigate to ‘Time Off’

2. On the screen, they have to select ‘Apply Time Off'

3. As a next step, they can select the date they want to apply for. 

4. Now, they can select the dropdown of ‘Plan for Partial Day’ to see a ‘Duration’ section on the mobile screen. 

5. One can select the ‘Duration’ section and add their preferred hours and minutes.

6. After selecting the duration, they have to select ‘Starting From’ and add a time. Please note that this is the time when you will not be available. 

7. Select ‘Ok’ to confirm the hourly time off input. 

8. As a next step, they have to select ‘Time Off Type’ and choose within earned, sick, unlimited and other leave types they are eligible for. 

9. They can select the ‘+’ icon and notify their manager or any other stakeholder. 

10. One can also add a note stating the reason for their absence

11. Freshteam Mobile App allows your employees to attach any documents stating the reason for their absence. For instance, medical prescriptions for sick leaves. Please note that for some leave types, attaching a document is mandatory and the type of attachments is defined by the admin while configuring the leave type. One can either click a photo of the document or attach a document file from their system.

12. They can navigate to the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Apply’ to apply for an hourly time off.

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