Freshteam Mobile App simplifies time off management by enabling your teams to easily apply for time offs. Additionally, employees can also dig deeper to learn more about the time off policy. Reviewing the time off policy will help them plan their leaves throughout the year as they will get to know the carryover and accrual rules for every time off type. 

Stepwise Guide to View Time Off Policy 

1. Your employees have to open Freshteam App on their mobile phones and go to ‘Time Off’ from the bottom navigation bar. 

2. On your screen, they can select ‘Time Off Policy’.

3. Now they can see the various types of leaves they are eligible for. Please note that the Freshteam account admin will configure the leave types.  

4. Additionally, they can double-click on each one of these time off categories to review: Accrual Schedule, Accrual Amount and Carryover Rules (if any).

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