Freshteam Mobile App provides visibility to your team by letting them review their time off history as well as detailed time off statements. Time off statements will help them get a wider perspective of how many leaves they have already utilized till now under each time off category. 

Detailed Instruction Guide 

1. To get started, your employees have to open the Freshteam Mobile App and go to ‘Time Off’ from the bottom navigation bar. 

2. On the screen, they can select ‘Time Off History’.

3. As a next step, your employees will be able to see a snapshot of their leave history. For instance, they can review #of leaves yet to be approved, #of approved and deleted leaves.

4. To review further information related to a particular leave, one can select that particular leave and they will be able to see the date range, the purpose of the leave, and any notes/attachments.  

5. To view the time off statement, they can navigate to the top right corner of the mobile screen and select ‘Statement’.

6. On the screen, now they can see the detailed statement against each time off type. Please note that the time off statement is updated every day and shown in descending order. Please note that one will be able to see the time off statement as of today, and the statement will appear in descending order of when they applied for it.  

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