Freshteam Mobile App enables your teams to better plan their vacations by showing their current and future time off balances. Let’s understand how this works. 

Detailed Instruction Guide 

1. Your employees have to open the Freshteam Mobile App and navigate to ‘Time Off’ on the bottom navigation bar. 

2. On the screen, they can now select ‘Time Off Balance’.

3. Against each time off category, they will be able to view the number of leaves already consumed vs the number of remaining leaves as of today.

4. To see the future time off balance, they can navigate to the top right corner of the mobile screen and select ‘Future Balance’.

5. Now, they have to select a date of preference.

6. Against the selected date, they will be able to see the number of leaves available against each time off category.

7. To know more about how the balance for a particular leave type is calculated for the selected date, one needs to select the leave type. Now they can see how the balance was calculated based on accruals and consumption.

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