Freshteam Mobile App lets your employees apply for time offs as well as delete certain time offs based on their preferences. Let’s understand how this works.

Detailed instruction guide 

1. To delete a time off request, one has to open their Freshteam Mobile App and go to ‘Time Off’.

2. On the screen, they can select ‘Time Off History’.

3. They will be able to view the pending and approved time off requests.

4. They can also choose and select the particular time off request that they want to delete.

5. On the screen, a bottom panel will appear showing all the details of the leaves along with a button to delete the time off requests. They can tap on ‘Delete Time Off’ as the next step.

6. Once they click on ‘Delete Time Off’, the app will ask for the confirmation of the deletion request

7. Now they can select ‘Delete’ and the time off is successfully deleted.

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