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Freshteam makes it very easy for an employee to apply for Time Off. Here are the steps to do this using the desktop/laptop browser application. To apply for Time Off through the Freshteam mobile application, check out this article

1. Go to the Home screen and scroll down to find the Apply Time Off section. 

2. Select the Time Off type you want to apply for. 

3. Click on the date selection icon or the Proceed button.

4. The Time Off application window would slide in from the right side. Click on the Date selection icon to choose the Date range for your Time Off.

Note: By clicking on the Plan for Partial Day option, you can even apply for half day Time Offs at the start or/and end of your vacation.


In case your company supports Hourly Time Off, clicking on ‘Plan for partial day’ option would give you an option to choose time off in hours for the first and the last day of your vacation. 



Read more about managing hourly time off in Freshteam

5. Fill in the following optional steps if relevant to your Time Off application.

  • You can also add a note highlighting more details about your Time Off request. 
  • You can also attach a supporting document along with your leave request. This is helpful if your company mandates a supporting document for applying for specific Time Off types. 
  • You can notify your team members about your Time Off request by entering their email Ids in the Notify Others section. 
  • You can mark yourselves as Out-Off-Office in your work calendar. You would see an option to link your calendar with Freshteam once you choose this option. Currently, Freshteam supports integration with Google Calendar and Microsoft Calendar. You would also see an option to auto-decline all meetings that you are scheduled during your Time Off. 

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