Does your company use Freshteam for their Time off Management or Leave Management, as an employee am sure you have many doubts, how to apply Time off, how the procedure works, where to find your Time-off balance, upcoming holidays etc., This article is here to decode all your doubts and clear the clouds for you.

Let's get started. 

This is how your Freshteam Employee Portal would look. 

As you can see in the highlighted area you can find all the information with regard to your time off. The total number of leaves, the number of leaves you have used of them, your upcoming time off period, and the upcoming holidays. 

You can click View Holiday Calendar to see the full calendar. 

Click on Apply Now or Apply for another date to apply time off. 

-Select the Time off period, you will see the total number of days you are availing time off near by. 

-Select which half of the day you want to avail if required. 

-Select the Time off Type as Sick or Earned, add a note to let your team know why you won't be available during that time. 

-You can also notify anyone from the team you want to smoothen work for them. 

-Click Apply Time off to go ahead and apply your time off for approval. 

- Once your time off request is approved by your Reporting Manager or in some case if your company has set a 'No approval Required' process, you can directly apply time off and take the day off. 

How to Cancel a Time off Request made?

Simple, let me show you how. 

1. Go to Time off > My Time Off.

2. Here, you will see all your upcoming Time off Requests. Click the Dustbin icon to delete the request. Click Delete to confirm. 

3. Once it is done, you will see that your total count is restored accordingly. 

How to view my Team's Time off?

1. You can view your Team's Time off from the Team Calendar. 

2. Click here to know more about how to use Team Calendar. 

3. You can also have a quick view of your Team's Time off directly from the dashboard, this will have who is not in for that day and the next 7 days.