SecurePass is a contactless door access control system that lets you manage access to your office space from a cloud-based centralized location. It comes with a built-in temperature scanner that makes this solution COVID-19 compliant.


Watch this short video to learn how to install SecurePass within Freshteam

Benefits of SecurePass

  • Future-Proof Mobile Access Control: Employees can use their mobile devices to enter their office space.
  • Fever Detection: Securepass ensures scanning of body temperature to detect fever. Upon detecting abnormal temperature, the entry of that particular employee is restricted and the app also sends alerts about the same. 
  • Remote Access Management with OTP and NFC/RFID Checkin: Even in absence of a mobile device, employees can check in using OTP codes or unique NFC/RFID tags. Admins can manage access control at a centralized location, they can grant or revoke accesses based on any red flags.

Steps to Integrate with SecurePass

1. Open SecurePass App in the Freshteam marketplace.

2. Click on the ‘Integrate with SecurePass’ button, and the login Page opens up.

3. For an existing user of SecurePass Admin profile - Enter the login credentials registered with SecurePass.

4. For a new user - Click on ‘Sign up to integrate with SecurePass

5. New users can then enter their contact information on a new page, and the SecurePass customer support team reaches out to them.

6. Once the user is registered as an Admin with SecurePass, they can begin the integration process using the login credentials they receive from the SecurePass team.

7. As a next step, the integration Page opens up. Enter the API endpoint and Authorization key and click on ‘Test & Sync

8. A test is performed to check user authorization to access data. If the test is successful, we go to the next step.

9. The new user is asked to integrate Employee data mapped by email or phone number. This means, a check will be conducted using the registered email/phone of a particular employee in SecurePass database and the User's Freshteam database.

10. Synced Data Screen is displayed. Users can check all the employee data available across SecurePass and Freshteam.

11. User clicks on ‘Sync/Re-Sync Users’. If the registered email/phone matches, the corresponding employee data will be synced.

12. Any kind of data discrepancies, such as data duplication and data unavailability, will not be synced. Users will be requested to upload such data individually on SecurePass Admin Dashboard.

Warning: For any particular employee, in case of a data mismatch, data received from Freshteam's end will override the data present in SecurePass' database.

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