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Freshteam lets you create both hourly and day-based time off and manage multiple Time Off policies for different office locations, all from one place. In this article, we’ll show how to create a day-based Time Off policy. Employees can book their time off with the click of a button, from the web application, or from the mobile application. 

Here are the steps in setting up a day-based Time Off policy

1. Go to Settings Time Off Setup > Policy.

2. You can use an existing template or create a custom policy. Provide a name for the policy and choose Days as the Time Off calculation method

3. On selecting Days Time Off, all the existing Time Off types within a policy will be calculated in days. Select the workweek, Holiday calendar, the policy period, and the start date for the policy. Enter the allotted Time Off days for each Time Off type. Set up the accrual, balance, and carryover rules for each type. Here is an article to read more about setting policy rules

4. Once all the details are filled in, hit Save at the top right corner of the screen. 

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