Accessible to Admin, Account Admin, and HR Partner roles

Freshteam allows you to accommodate different Workweeks based on your employees' work schedules as per your company's policies and locations. For instance, while employees in most parts of the world work Mon-Fri, employees based out of the Middle East region work Sun-Thu. 

Steps to define a Workweek in Freshteam

1. Go to Settings > Time Off > Time Off Setup > Workweek

2. To create a new Workweek, click on the Create New Workweek button on the top right. 

3. In the New workweek modal that pops up, enter a Title and select the working days for the workweek. You also have the option to mark a Half day for any day in the week. 

4. Click Save to complete the Workweek creation. 

5. You can choose a Default Workweek by clicking the star button next to it on the Workweeks page. 

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