Accessible to Admins and Account Admins

Zoom is a video conferencing software. Predominantly used for interviews and meetings, Zoom has become inevitable and essential ever since COVID-19. Freshteam is one of the very HR software that comes with integration with Zoom in the market. Using Zoom, you can improve the whole recruitment experience of your company, and in this article, we will show you how to integrate the Zoom app with Freshteam to get started. 


Steps to Install Zoom

1. Go to Settings > Integrate with other Apps > Integrations 

2. Under the different list of integrations, you will find the Online Interviews section, in there is Zoom. 

3. Click on the "Enable" toggle next to the app name to begin the integration process. 

4. Once you click on "Enable", you will be redirected to the Zoom Login/Sign up page. You can log in using your Email ID and password, or using your Google/Facebook account, or using Single-sign on login if your organization has enabled it. Refer to the screenshot below to see how the page looks. 

5. If you are the admin, or account admin, or if you have used the credentials of the account admin role, click on "Authorize" and your integration will be enabled instantly and you will be redirected to the settings page in your Freshteam account. 

6. Your integration is ready and you can use Zoom in your Freshteam account, as a video conferencing tool for interviews, etc.


Note: If you have added new employees who you would add as interviewers on your Zoom interviews, make sure to click on Resync Users under the enable button to sync the newly added users and add them to interviews in the future. Refer to the screenshot above to find the Resync Users option. For the users to get synced, they have to be added to both Freshteam and Zoom with the same official email.

How to Uninstall Zoom Integration

You can uninstall the Zoom app from Freshteam as below, 

1. Go to Settings > Integrate with other apps > Integrations 

2. Under Online Interviews you will find Zoom, disable the integration with the toggle. 


You can also disable the app from Zoom as below, 

1. Log in to your Zoom Account and go to Zoom App Marketplace. 

2. Click on Manage > Installed Apps and find Freshteam from the list. Or, you can simply put Freshteam in the search bar and the app will come up. 

3. Click on the Freshteam app and click on Uninstall option next to it. This will uninstall the integration. 

Note: Once your integration is disabled, all your scheduled interviews via Zoom will be cancelled and you cannot schedule interviews using Zoom in the future.

What's Next?