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Using Zoom and Freshteam Integration, you can now schedule interviews with your candidates and use Zoom for the interview. In this article, we will see how to schedule an interview using Zoom as the mode of interview. 


How to Schedule an Interview with Zoom on Freshteam

1. Choose the candidate you want to schedule the interview with from the list that shows up on clicking Recruit > Candidates. 

2. Click on the candidate of choice, this will open their 360 page. 

3. On that page, click on Interviews from the list of items in the top-right pane. Refer to the screenshot below. 

4. Click on Schedule Interview to begin the scheduling interview process. 

5. The following page will open up. 

6. Click on Add Interview, you will be asked to choose your interviewer from a drop-down list, do so. 

7. On selecting the interviewer, their calendar will show up showing what time they are available and not. 

8. Choose a preferred time for the interview. 

9. On doing this, the following pop-up box will come. Update the stage of the interview, update Interview Type as Zoom from the list, choose who will be the meeting host for the scheduled Zoom meeting, give time, date, etc., and click on Add to add the interview to the interviewer's calendar and also send to the candidate.


Note: The host for the interview will be automatically updated by Freshteam based on this priority order:
1. The First Interviewer
2. The Next Interviewer(s)
3. The Current Meeting Scheduler
4. Candidate Owner
5. The Job's Recruiter

If none of the above 5 folks are available during the time of the interview, you should manually update the host. If not done, Freshteam will do the automatic mapping. 

10. Once you are sure of all the information provided, click on Schedule and Continue. 

11. You will then see a preview of the email that will be sent to the candidate, click on Notify Candidate to send the email.

12. The interview is scheduled. 

13. The email invite will have the link to the Zoom call for both the interview member and the candidate to easily join from. 

14. The event will be added to everyone's calendar too, the candidate can "Add it to their Calendar or Download the ICS file and join". 

Please refer to the screenshots below for a preview of how the invite will look to the candidate and the interviewer. 

Few Important Points to Note

1. To add a Zoom host on Freshteam, the user has to be present on both Freshteam and Zoom with the same official email. 

2. Freshteam's Integration works on any of Zoom's plan. You can be a basic Zoom user and still enjoy this integration. The catch, however, comes from Zoom's side for its basic-level users. If you are a Basic plan user of Zoom, you can only host meetings for up to 40 minutes if there are 3 or more people in the meeting.

3. To authenticate Freshteam with Zoom, it is essential you follow the guidelines as mentioned in this article. Since Freshteam is an account-based application, you cannot "pre-approve" the app to enable the integration as one would do for user-based applications. 

4. Uninstalling the Freshteam App on Zoom will automatically uninstall the Zoom App on Freshteam itself, which means all scheduled interviews will be automatically canceled.

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