Accessible to any role which has access to create a requisition except Employee. 

Moving to Freshteam for the first time? Or just have a bunch of Requisitions in your excel sheets you want to add to Freshteam? "Bulk Import Requisition" is a feature made just for you. You can bulk import requisitions as a CSV file and add them to Freshteam in one click and also perform any other action required. Let us see how to do this. 

Note: Garden and Estate Plan users of Freshteam have access to the Job Requisition feature, enable it under Settings > Preferences > Recruit to use the feature. 

1. To bulk import requisitions, you have two ways to go about it. 

       - One way is to go to Recruit > Job Requisitions. The following window opens up. Here, on the top-right corner, you will find the New Requisition option, next to which you can find a downward-facing arrow, click on it and you will find the Bulk Add Requisitions option. Click on it.  

- Another way is to go to the Settings Page, under Recruitment and Talent Management, you will find Job requisitions, under which you can find "Bulk Add Requisitions". Click on it. 

2. Both the above options will open the following window after the action. 

3. This page will give you the basic instructions to read before importing your CSV file. The instructions are as follows: 

  • Please ensure that the CSV is in UTF-8 format.
  • Maximum file size: 2 MB
  • Columns with empty value will not be updated
  • Mandatory fields - Name, Type, No.Of Opening, Requester, Target date, Department, Grade and Team. 

4. You can download the sample CSV file to ensure how to name or design your file before uploading, as it is important to note that the column headings of your sheet should be the same as the Sample CSV to ensure a completely successful import. 

5. Click on Add CSV File once you have your CSV file ready and click Import to start the import, you will get an email after successfully importing, any errors that might have occurred will also be updated to you via email with the error explained so that you can take the necessary action to fix it and try importing again. 

Please refer to Success and Failure Emails shown below for reference: 

6. By default, all your imported requisitions will get populated in the Pending Approval Tab under the Job Requisition window. 

7. You can choose to Bulk Approve the requisitions by clicking on the Select all on this Page to option next to the Title column or you can choose the requisitions you want to approve individually by selecting them as well. Please refer below screenshot for further assistance.

That's it, your bulk import and bulk approval is sorted, go ahead and have a happy recruiting experience with Freshteam. 

Note: If you are not the Admin or the Account Admin of Freshteam performing the Bulk Import, make sure to have your Email ID used to access your Freshteam account in the "Requester Email" column for all the requisitions to be successfully imported.