Role Availability: Only on the Garden and Estate Plans of Freshteam

A simple role you can assign to employees who you do not want to have access to all jobs in Freshteam, but only assign certain jobs to them for which they will have complete Recruiter Access. This role comes in handy when the company has multiple branches and recruiters working on different locations to hire locally, the manager will be able to assign limited recruiter roles for them to focus only on their location.

So, what can an employee with a Limited Recruiter Role do? 

List of pages that the ‘limited-recruiters’ can access

  1. My Dashboard

  2. Inbox - for user notifications
  3. Recruit section
  • Active jobs will be visible but candidate information will not be accessible unless the user is part of the hiring team within the job.

My active jobs - If the user is part of the hiring team of any active job - it will be listed under the ‘my active jobs’ section. Limited recruiters will have access to full control over these jobs and candidates.

(The red boxes are the ones that Limited recruiter can edit in the Candidate profile)

  • (Candidate view - As a recruiter of the job(set in hiring team)

4. Job requisition section - Limited recruiters will only be able to view the requisitions that they are marked as owners.

5. Employee directory - Users will be able to view the public fields of other employees in the system.

6. Org chart

7. Time off 

  1. My time off

  2. My team - User’s team availability

8. Settings

  1. Canned responses

  2. Offer templates and fields configuration

Benefits and Limitations

1. Limited recruiters will have full access to the jobs where they are marked as the recruiter (in the hiring team). Limited recruiter can 

  1. Create and manage the job posting.

  2. Add candidates to the job.

  3. Manage the owner of the candidates.

  4. Can be an owner of a candidate.

  5. Schedule interviews

  6. Provide feedback on the candidates

  7. Reject candidates

  8. Archive them to the talent pool

  9. Edit candidate profile, application form fields, and experience

  10. Send emails to candidates

  11. Writing comments on candidate profiles

Limited recruiters cannot 

  1. View and action candidates for jobs they do not have access to.
  2. We cannot set limited recruiters as the owner of a candidate within a job that they are not part of.
  3. Limited recruiters do not have access to changing the Candidate’s name/contact details in their job postings. 
  4. If the candidate in their job has also applied for another job (which is not accessible) - the application of the other job cannot be viewed by the limited recruiter but he/she can see the list of jobs the candidate has applied for

That is all you need to know about the Limited Recruiter Role, for more details, contact us at