Are you the Admin or Account Admin of your Freshteam account? Are you trying to understand the capabilities and scopes your role offers in your organization's Freshteam account? Do you want to know thoroughly what you can or cannot do before adding folks to the admin or account admin role? 

Read this article to know everything there is to your amazing role! 

Admin and Account Admin are super users of the system and will have access to all the screens and data stored in Freshteam. 

The main difference between Admin and Account admin roles - Account admin users will have access to Freshteam settings > plans and billings. Admin users will not have access to this. 

I.e. only Account Admins can do anything with respect to the plan you are on in Freshteam and for any billing issue, so as an admin if you have any issue on this, contact your Account Admin and he/she will be able to give you a front view picture. 

Users with Account admin / Admin users will be able to set up everything in the account and will be able to moderate the entire process followed within Freshteam. You will also be the ones who add other employees and assign them roles. 

So, it is suggested you read the articles on the other roles before you start assigning roles to your champion employees.