Accessible to Admin and Account Admin. 

Note: Apart from Admin and Account Admin, owners of the requisition and anyone with the permission to Create, View and Manage Requisitions can delete a requisition.

So you do not want a requisition anymore? This can happen for various reasons.  You either created a wrong requisition or you want to delete it because the job is not available anymore. Either way, deleting a job requisition in Freshteam is a simple one-click task.

1. Go to Recruitment > Job Requisitions.

2. Choose the requisition you want to delete. The following box will open up.


3. Choose the Trash Can option in the top-right corner. You will get a confirmation to delete the requisition. Choose Delete to go with your deletion. 

4. In the dialog box that appears after, you would be asked to choose what to do with the candidates under the requisition. Choose your option and click Done to complete the process. 

5. You can still view and restore the requisition whenever you want.