Accessible to Account Admin

We are sad you are here, is there a reason why you are looking to delete or cancel your account, do you think it is an issue we can solve for you? If you are not 100% sure about leaving Freshteam, then maybe you should not. Get the help you need to make the best use of our product - write to us at

On the other hand, if you are really sure Freshteam is not the right fit for you, then here is how you can simply cancel your account and be done with it. 

1. Go to Settings > General Settings > Account > Account

2. Here you can see the option, Cancel My Account, click it. 

3. On clicking it, the following screen will appear with all major information on your account that you can review before making your decision. You can choose to import anything you want to clean up the account etc., before clicking on Proceed with Cancellation to cancel your account. 

4. Once you have successfully canceled your account, you will be asked to fill a short survey, kindly do this for us to better understand our business and customers. 

Thank you, it was good to serve you, we hope you find what you are looking for! 

PS: You are always welcome to come back!