Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Loving Freshteam? Enjoying our features that make your life simple? Looking to have more so that you can do more? Upgrading your plan is the right way to go and you are reading just the right article to tell you how to upgrade your Freshteam account.

We have four plans in place for Freshteam. 

1. Free - Our Free Plan

2. Growth

3. Pro - The best plan for any not too large-sized organizations 

4. Enterprise

Now, if you want to upgrade yourself from your current plan, you can do so in simple steps. 

1. Go to Settings > Account > Plans and Billing 

2. Here, you will find the current plan you are in and you will also see how many days you have left in the plan. 

3. If you scroll below, you can see that all our plans are listed and your current plan is highlighted. You can click on "Choose Plan"  present under the plan of your choice and Voila! Your plan will be upgraded. 

Please refer to the screenshot below to understand the flow. You will also get a confirmation message prompting you to refresh the page in some time to see the change implemented. 

4. Your new bill will be prorated based on your usage in the upgraded plan and will be generated at the time of your renewal cycle making it easy for you to switch immediately while paying at your own pace. 

5. We hope you keep upgrading and exploring our features, helping yourself ace in HR. 

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