Accessible to Admin, Account Admin, HR Partner, Recruiter, and Limited HR Partner. 

Freshteam lets you edit a candidate's information after you add the candidate to the job. Here is how you can do it and what you can change. 

1. Go to the Candidate 360 page or the Candidate Profile page of the candidate whose information you wish to edit. 

2. Here you can see the "Pen and Paper" icon next to certain information which means you can edit them. 

3. By clicking on the icon next to the name of the candidate and near the contact, you will be able to edit the basic profile information. The following screen will show up on clicking any one of the two. 

4. On clicking the icon next to "Experience" you will get the following window which will let you edit the past or current experience of the candidate. 

5. Another tab that you can go to, to edit candidate profile information is the "Profile" tab inside 360. 

6. Here, under "Application Data", you can edit the basic information like Contact, Address, etc., See in the Screenshot below. 

7. Under the Resume Data, you can edit professional information like Education, Experience, Skills, and Expertise, etc.,

8. The Experience pop-up is as seen in one of the above screenshots. The Education and Skills&Expertise screens as shown below.