Work is best done with seamless collaboration with all the right people in place. Team Calendar is built by Freshteam just for that. Knowing who is in and who is out on a particular day is useful while planning your workday as an employee. As a manager, Team Calendar helps to know how your team works and helps you manage the overall Time Off record going on within your team. 

Enabling the Time Off Calendar in your account

1. Go to Settings > Time off >  Time Off Setup > Preferences

2. Go to the Time Off tab and enable the Time Off Calendars option. 

Viewing the Team Calendar

Let's see where to find Team Calender and what all functions can be performed using the same: 

1. Go to Time off > My Team from the left toolbar. 

2. You would see the Team Calendar that gives you a complete glimpse of your team's availability. 

Here are the options that you can explore while viewing the Time Off calendar. 

  • Choosing the team

You can select multiple options to view the Time Off availability calendar for your teammates. Click on the drop-down near the Choose label to pick the right option. 

  • Direct Reports - This option shows the Time Off Calendar for all the employees that report to you.
  • <Manager's name> Reports - This option shows the Time Off Calendar for all the employees that report to your manager.

  • Picking a month/day: You can choose which month you want to see, see upcoming months even to plan your work accordingly with a particular colleague. You can also click on a particular day and view who is not available for that day. 

  • Pending requests: Pending requests let you directly approve or decline your reportee's requests, while Apply for a team member helps when a team member of yours cannot apply their own Time Off, you can step in and help.
  • Add Employee: you can also add an employee to your Time Off calendar to see their Time Off pattern, you can create a custom calendar with only employees whose Time Off you want to track.  
  • Apply for a Team Member: Click on the button on the right to apply Time Off for others in your team.

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