Accessible to Account Admin and Admin 

Note: Anyone in the place of Approving/Rejecting a requisition can add a reason of their own while rejecting the requisition. 

Not all requisitions are approved, while rejecting a requisition, Freshteam prompts you to add a reason for rejecting the requisition helping the hiring manager who raised the request know why it cannot be approved. Freshteam comes with a few inbuilt reject reasons which you can use or you can also add new ones of your choice. 

To do this, 

1. Go to Settings > Job Requisitions > Reject Reasons.

2. Here you will find the Add New option on the top right corner. Click it to add new reasons. 

3. Type the reason in the text box that appears, then click the 'Tick Mark' to save your reason. 

Another way to add a reject reason is while rejecting the requisition, 

1. Click on Reject when you are on the Job requisition approval box. 

2. A pop-up will appear which will ask you to give the reason. 

3. Here you can type whatever reason you want to add, then click Add <reason> to add the reason to the list. 

4. Click Update to save your progress.