Accessible to only Account Admin

For security reasons, you would want to restrict access to your employee portal, based on IP ranges. Once you enable IP white-listing in your portal, only the users from the specified IP addresses can access the portal.

How do I turn on IP whitelisting?

  • Go to Settings > General > Security and turn the IP whitelisting toggle button on. 
  • The IP address from which you activate this setting will be automatically added to this list.
  • In the IP range section, you can enter all the IP address ranges that can log into your employee portal in the n.n.n.n format.
  • If you have more IP addresses to add, click on "+ Add new" button below the IP range to append a new IP range row.
  • Click Save to save the changes made. 

If you're facing trouble setting this up, you can refer to that has all the basic information about your IP address or you can ask your network administrator's help to whitelist IP addresses.