Accessible to all Employees. 

An employee can refer a candidate to a job posting through the portal or by forwarding a resume through email. Employees can also refer candidates by sharing job postings on social channels. The first two methods are direct ways of referring people you know whereas the third is just you casting a wider net.

Referring candidates through the portal

  • Log into your employee portal.
  • You can refer candidates by clicking on the + Add New option present in the top-right corner of your portal. 
  • You can also add candidates by clicking on the Refer a Candidate option present in the 'My Referrals' portion of the dashboard.  

  • Drag and Drop/ Upload the resume of the candidate and click Next. 
  • Fill in all the details of the candidate, add the job you want to refer them to and click Save to finish your process.

  • The candidate and hiring panel members will receive a notification that they [the candidate] have been added to the job posting.

Referring a candidate through email

Compared to logging into the portal, navigating to a job posting and filling out a form, referring a candidate via email is much easier. Alternatively, if you do not see an appropriate job posting for the candidate, you can just send in the information over email.

  • Referring a candidate to a particular job posting:
    • Every job posting in Freshteam has a unique email address. 
    • You can find the email by Viewing the Job Details of the job you want. 
    • Here, under the Add and Attract Candidates section, you will find Job Specific Email. Copy the id to use it.

    • If you want to refer a candidate for a specific job posting, you can simply forward the candidates' profile to the copied email address. The candidate will be notified that they have been added to the job posting.

  • Referring a candidate to the candidate pool:
    • If you don't find a suitable job posting for the candidate you wish to refer, you can forward the email to the generic catch-all address,
    • Similar to the above scenario, the attached candidate's resume will be added a profile and the candidate will be added under 'Email Applicants'.

Referring a candidate through social sharing

If you share a job posting on your social channels and a follower/friend applies to it by clicking on the link, you will be marked as the referrer. And you can still keep abreast of the person's progress by following up on them through 'My Referrals'.