With Freshteam, you can set up a branded career site to display a list of job postings, to which prospective candidates can apply. You can brand this career site with your colors, white-label its URL, update your logo...anything your heart desires. Your career site will be available at <<yourcompany.freshteam.com/jobs>>.


Note: If you want your users to stick to your website, you can also embed job postings directly on your website.

You can customize your career site by going to Settings > Job Publishing > Career site.

Here's a list of settings that you can customize:

1. Career site name: Your career site's name; this appears next to your company logo on the career site.

2. Career site URL: You can create a vanity URL for your careers page. You will have to create a CNAME DNS record in your DNS Zone file to point career.yourcompany.com to yourcomapny.freshteam.com. Your Webmaster or Server administrator should be able to help you set this up correctly - (Please note - you will need to purchase custom SSL from Freshteam ($60/year) to CNAME the career site)

3Career site language: You can select a language from the list of available languages.

4. Logo and favicon: You can upload your logo and favicon files here.

5. Career site advanced settings: You can also personalize every inch of your career site by customizing CSS viz. site colors and fonts, page layouts, stylesheets and page-wise CSS access as a part of advanced settings.