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You can include videos in job description as you publish the job postings on the career site. This article details the steps to do the same.

To add videos to your JD, 

  1. Click on Add a Job Posting. 
  2. Once you have added the job title, you can select the job description from the list of sample JDs or create your own.
  3. To add a video in the job description, place the cursor where you want to add the video.
  4. Click on the Insert Video option available in the toolbar above the text box. Refer to the image below. 

5. You can either directly paste the link of your video or, you can embed your video to the JD. 

6. You can resize your video after it is inserted similar to how you would resize an image in a doc.

7. Videos hosted on the following platforms are supported by Freshteam in your Job Descriptions -

  • YouTube - Link pasting & Embed
  • Vimeo - Link pasting & Embed
  • DailyMotion - Link pasting & Embed
  • Vidyard - Link pasting & Embed
  • JWPlayer - Only embed
  • Wix Video - Only embed
  • Brightcove - Only embed
  • Wistia - Only embed
  • Cincopa - Only embed
  • SproutVideo - Only embed

8. The video will be displayed along with your JD on your career site. (It will not be displayed on any of the job boards). Refer to the image below to see how the video will look on your career site. 

Tip: A general guideline to embed Videos - Insert the content within the <iframe> tag of your video in the Embedded Code Box option. Delete all the unwanted code you copy outside the iframe tag to have your video displayed correctly.

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