Accessible to Account Admin and Admin

One of the first things you do when you setup your Freshteam account is configuring the different departments present in your company. Configuring this comes in handy in different places. Some common instances where Department comes to use is when you post a new job opening in a particular Department, say Marketing. It also comes to use when you add employees and you want to map them based on their departments. There are a lot of functions where Department becomes a primary source of information for easy filtering. 


With Freshteam, you get a few inbuilt departments when you first come in; we like to make things easy for you as much as we can. We let you decide if you want edit/delete these departments, you can also add new ones as you please. Let me quickly tell you how to do these. 


How to create/edit/delete departments:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Departments. 

  2. Click on the Add New button in the top right to add a new department. 

  3. You can see a set of default departments. These, you can edit or delete by choosing one option from the right corner.

  1. Voila! You are all set to begin with Freshteam.