1. Click on Recruitment tab > Select a job > Select candidate > Click on Checkr icon on the right 

Note: If you see this error after clicking on the Checkr icon - "Oops. seems you have not enabled Account Hierarchy in your Checkr account. Please enable it and then try initiating BG check from Freshteam." - you may need to add a node to your Checkr account. Please reach out to support@checkr.com for assistance with adding a node. Once this is done, you can continue using your Checkr integration seamlessly. 

2. The Checkr tab will slide out. Then fill in the candidate PI data along with the Checkr background check you want to run.

3. Once all the data is filled click on "Order BG check" This will enable the background check for the package selected.


For more queries, please contact us at support@freshteam.com