Installation & Usage Guide for the Freshteam - QuickBooks Time 

Pre-Installation To-Do

Before you set up the integration, please note the following - 

  • 1-Way Sync Caution - This is a 1-way sync from Freshteam to QuickBooks Time, so once you set up the integration, please make sure that you do not edit any employee data directly on QuickBooks Time.

  • Group Set Up Condition (if you have Departments on Freshteam and you want that to have synced on QuickBooks Time) 

    • Before Installing the Integration Create groups on QuickBooks Time by following these steps. Please make sure that you name Groups in your QuickBooks Time account with the same spelling and case as Departments on Freshteam. For example, if you have Sales and Marketing as Departments on Freshteam, please make sure that you create groups named Sales and Marketing on QuickBooks Time. Note - These are case sensitive, so sales with a lowercase ‘s’ will not be synced correctly. 

    • After installation - If you create any new departments on Freshteam, please make sure you create a new identical group on QuickBooks as well before adding any new employees. 

Installation Guidelines 
  • Go to Settings > General Settings > Integrate with other Apps > Apps 

  • Search for QuickBooks Time from the search bar on the page or find it under Time Tracking, Accounting & Billing in the Browse by Category Section. 

  • Once you open the QuickBooks Time listing, click on the Install button under the QuickBooks Time icon to initiate the installation. You will be redirected to the configuration page.  

  • The configuration page is divided into 3 parts

    1. Connect Freshteam

      • Enter your  Freshteam domain URL in the Freshteam Domain field 

      • Copy and paste your Freshteam API Key, which you can find by clicking on your profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Know More

      • Click on Next  


  1. Connect QuickBooks Time (Note - You must be an Admin an API Token)

  • Copy and Paste the API Token from QuickBooks Time into the API Token field under the Connect QuickBooks Time section

  • Click on Next 

  1. Configurations (This is where you decide how data flows from Freshteam to QuickBooks Time) 

    • Whom to Sync - This is where you decide if you want to sync all employees from Freshteam to QuickBooks time, or specific employee subsets. Once you make your selection, you can click on Show Employees to view the employees that are going to be synced. Once you’re done with this, click on Advanced to choose what data to sync, and when to trigger a sync. 

  • What to Sync - This is where you decide which employee fields you want to sync from Freshteam to QuickBooks Time. Once you’ve selected the fields, click on Next.  


  • When to Sync - This is where you decide which employee events you want to trigger a sync at - create / update / terminate or all 3. Once you’re done, click on Save and then Install

  • Once you’ve completed the 3-part configuration, click on Install to complete the integration.  

Usage Guidelines 

  • Onboarding Employees onto QuickBooks - When you install the QuickBooks Time app on Freshteam or create a new employee, the employee(s) will receive an email from QuickBooks Time to set up an account.  

  • Viewing Timesheets - Once the app is installed, timesheet summaries can be viewed by clicking on the QuickBooks Time icon on the Employee Profile Page. To view a detailed Employees can view their own timesheet, and view the timesheets of other employees based on the viewing rules in the table below.

Logged-In Employee’s Role / Relationship

Viewed Employee’s Role / Relationship

Show Timesheet Summary of Viewed employee?




Reporting manager



Limited HR partner

Self/ Assigned Employee


HR partner, Admin, Account Admin 

Self/Any employee 


  • Updating Employee Data - Whenever you create / update / terminate an employee on Freshteam, the employee record will be automatically updated on QuickBooks Time. However, you have to make sure that the integration is configured appropriately (review the Configurations section under the Installation Guidelines for a reminder on how to choose when data is synced). 

  • Updating Integration Configuration - To update the configuration settings of the integration, go to Settings > General Settings > Integrate with other Apps > Apps > Installed Apps and click on the Settings  icon to update the settings. Make sure you click on Save for your updated configurations to take effect.

Please reach out to for any issues with your QuickBooks Time integration.