Under GDPR, you are required to inform your candidates about why you are processing their data and for how long will you store it. You must tell them in plain and clear words how you use their data. One of the easiest ways to stay transparent and inform your users is through your Privacy Policy.

Here are a few easy steps to enable your candidates to view your company’s Privacy policy:  

Adding your Privacy Policy link in Freshteam

  • Click on the Settings options from the left menu in your dashboard.

  • Go to Settings > General  Preferences > Preferences

  • In the General tab on the Settings page, ensure that option for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is marked as Enabled. 

  • Click on the Configure button to visit the GDPR configurations page.
  • Enter the link to your company’s Privacy Policy in the input box Privacy Policy Link

  • Click on the Save button at the top right. 

Sharing the Privacy Policy with your candidates

Once you add the Privacy policy it automatically gets added to two places for your candidates to consume from. 

  1. The Privacy Policy can be read by the candidates when they apply through your Career Site.

The privacy policy added by you would automatically appear as a footer note on the job application pages on your Career website. Your candidates can click on the link and read the same before they enter any personal information in the application form. 

  1. The Privacy policy also goes as a footer note in all your outgoing emails to the candidates. 

Since the mention on the Career Site would not cover the candidates added to the system from other channels, Freshteam adds the link to the Privacy Policy as a footer note in all the emails sent to the candidates via your Freshteam account. 

NOTE:These settings once enabled will not be automatically applied to all old candidates in your Freshteam account. We recommend that you email your new privacy policy links to candidates existing in Freshteam.

As per GDPR guidelines, for candidates who have not read the privacy policy, their data should not be stored in your system for a long period of time. 

Freshteam allows you to automatically anonymize the data of the candidates who are not contacted via email for a finite period of time. Read this article to understand how you can set a finite time period after which the data of uncontacted candidates will be anonymized.