GDPR in Freshteam: 

Public concerns over privacy require businesses to protect the personal data of EU citizens for transactions that

occur within the EU member states. The policy also applies to all companies that handle the personal data of

individuals from the EU. Freshteam takes the data protection of candidates in the recruitment

Pipeline very seriously and enables candidate privacy through the following: 

  1. The right to enhanced notice (to ensure candidates are aware of how their personal data is used) 

  2. Right to be forgotten (Erase candidates' personal data when requested by the candidate or deemed no longer necessary to store it in Freshteam) 

  3. Enhanced right to access personal data (to allow candidates to access their data on request)

  4. Data subject consent (to ensure candidate data is not stored in the system forever)

Here is the complete the list of capabilities in Freshteam that help you achieve GDPR compliance.