Work life is busy, Candidate Self-Schedule makes it easy

  • Do you as a recruitment manager always feel that there is constant wrangle between you and the hiring team while deciding on the time to fix an interview for a candidate?

  • Heard candidates complaining on why there is no flexibility to set up a convenient time for the interview or maybe losing them just because of the same reason? 

  • Have you or your recruiters found themselves ringing back and forth phone calls to panel members of the interview just to fix that one 1 hour slot for the candidate? 

In addition to this, are there a lot of unplanned cancellations due to scheduling, rescheduling, and double booking, causing a lot of confusion and poor experience?

If the answer to above is yes (heard you!) Then the candidate self-schedule will solve these problems for sure. Yes! You heard that right. 

How Frestream’s Self-Scheduling Solves these problems: Interview self-scheduling accelerates the entire interview scheduling process to provide a great recruitment experience to candidate, interviewer & the recruitment coordinators (Recruitment manager) thereby making delight easy for every stakeholder in the process of recruitment. 

What it can do for your Recruiter/ Panel Member/ Candidate


There is a lot of to and fro between the recruiter, interviewer and the candidate. Help the recruiters manage this better and cut down on this mundane activity.

Panel Member 

Balancing interview load is always in the minds of the interviewer and sometimes the recruiter. Freshteam does that for you & that too without you monitoring it.


Give your candidates the two best experiences that they can experience & add delight to their recruitment process, through schedule and reschedule process.

Available plans: Pro, Enterprise

Roles in your Freshteam account that have access to this feature: Limited recruiter, Recruiter, Admins, Account Admins

Getting Started with Self-Scheduling

Self scheduling as a feature requires configuration on two fronts: 

1. Setting up available time slots by the interviewer 

  1. Interviewer to login from their Freshteam employee portal 

  2. Head to user icon on top right and then click on preferences 

  3. Set your interview availability window for the candidates to choose from.

  4. Candidates will see your availability between the following hours only when your Google Calendar is also free

Note: In case Interviewers have not set their time slots? No worries. We default it to 11 am -5 pm which can be changed by the interviewers based on their preference. We look at the interviewers' calendar based on the Google/Outlook integration on top of these time slots for available times.

For example: An interview has set their availability as 10 am -12 pm Mon-Fri here. And they are busy from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm Mon-Fri. The candidates will see only 10 am -11:30 am as available slots. 

The GIF below demonstrates the steps above

2. Setting up the interview for the candidate through self-scheduling feature

  1. Head to Recruit tab > Recruit > Jobs > Job posting 

  2. Click on Schedule and choose Candidate Self-Scheduling.

  3. Select the interview duration, interview type, stage, slot selection timeline & number of interviewers required. 

  4. Add the interviewers.

  5. Hit Save and Continue.

Below GIF demonstrates the same

Note: No changes can be made to a link that is sent. You will only have to resend, cancel, view permissions as option once the link has been sent. Cancelling will expire the link too. 

No of interviewers required as a field lets Candidate self-schedule feature decide on how many interviewers to pick while scheduling a slot with the candidate. Example: If the number of interviewers selected are 2 and the total number of interviewers added is 4, then Candidate self-schedule will automatically allocate the two interviewers based on the method of load balancing.

Load balancing will follow the following steps: 

  1. Looks for interviewer with the least number of scheduled interviews for the week

  2. Selects the interviewers based on past interview interaction with the candidate 

Once the above steps are completed the candidate will receive an email to schedule an interview. GIF below demonstrates how candidate will proceed to select the interview time slot.

Rescheduling the interview:

If you wish to allow candidates to reschedule their interviews, head to Preferences Recruit Enable interview rescheduling. As shown in GIF below

Once the interview rescheduling has been enabled the candidate will get an option to reschedule the interview from the email link containing the interview slots outlined in the Image below

If the interviewers are different during reschedule, Freshteam will automatically notify the previous interviewers and cancel their interviews. If the interviewers remain the same, Freshteam will send a reschedule notification. 

Possible FAQ: 

Question. What happens when the interview slots get canceled/unavailable before the candidate picks a time? 

Ans. It will not be displayed to the candidate.

Question. Can we send interview slots in bulk? Would that lead to double booking?

Ans. No. As we can schedule send emails 1-1 only

Question. Is calendar integration necessary for sending self-schedule links?

Ans. Yes. Else it will lead to double booking and the whole experience proposition falls flat.

Question. Can I edit the interview slots after sending self-schedule emails to the candidates?

Ans. No, only cancel, view, and re-send.

Question. Can we revoke a link?

Ans. You can cancel the invite sent which will expire the link.