Indeed is world's no.1 job site that matches the perfect employers with perfect employees. Integrating Freshteam with Indeed helps you automate job postings and post both free and sponsored jobs effortlessly.

  1. What is a sponsored job? Why should I sponsor job postings on Indeed?

Sponsored Jobs are the paid job postings that appear on the top and bottom of the search results on indeed. Sponsored Jobs are published by employers to attract more quality talent as they receive 5x more clicks than the organically listed jobs. 

  1. What is Indeed pay per click budget?

   Sponsored Jobs are based on pay for performance model. You can set a monthly budget and only pay when a candidate clicks to view your job. The cost per click charges is variable. The higher you spend, the greater is the visibility of your ad.

  1. How much should I spend on a sponsored job campaign?

With Indeed, you can set your average daily budget. For instance, if your daily budget is $50, you can receive 50 new applicants each time an applicant clicks on your ad. Ideally, your budget depends on how many jobs you have, the type of jobs, your location, and industry.

  1. Can I change my budget once the job is posted?

             Yes, you can modify your budget at any point in time. 

  1. If I edit the job posting, will the changes be reflected on Indeed?

Yes, you can edit your job posting from within Freshteam and it would be reflected on Indeed.

  1. How do I know when my job posting will be live on Indeed?

          Our integration with Indeed now enables jobs to go live instantly after creating and publishing them within your ATS.

  1. Why didn’t my job get posted on Indeed? 

           Your job may not initially appear in the search results due to any one of the following reasons:

  1. In the case of Sponsored Jobs, you will have to put in your billing information and credit card details. Had you not, your campaign will have been withheld.

  2. Your job might have been paused or closed. To enable your job, go to jobs and update the status of your job.

  1. Perhaps your account is under review by the Search Quality team.

  2. Ensure you have confirmed the email id that you used to log into your account. Your jobs will not be posted until your id is unverified.

  3. You need to get your Indeed account verified with your proof of identity such as LinkedIn or Google.

  4. Ensure you adhere to the job posting guidelines of Indeed.

  5. Your sponsored job has reached its daily budget limit.