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Every employee has multiple duties to do and information that they need access to and permissions to perform the same. With Freshteam you can give a clear role to each employee making it easy to understand their scope inside Freshteam. You can assign employees with additional roles as you add them as an employee for the first time or at a later stage as required. Let us now see how to do it in detail.  

Assign Roles while adding to Freshteam

There are two ways to add a new employee manually in Freshteam. 

  1. You can directly add from the ‘Dashboard’ by hovering over the “+Add New” icon and selecting “Employee” from the drop-down list. 

  1. You will be redirected to the Employee Directory section and the “Add Employee” pane will pop-up.

  1. Another way to add an employee is to directly go to the “Employee Directory” section. Here, you can select the “Add Employee” option to add a new employee and the same pane will pop-up.

  2. In this, fill the basic information and associate a role you wish by clicking on the “+ Associate Role” icon.

  1. Select a role you want and click “Assign” to assign the role. 

  2. Click “Save” or “Save and Send Invite” to save the employee.

Assign role at a later stage

  1. To assign an employee with an additional Freshteam role, go to “Employee Directory”. 

  2. Choose the employee you wish to assign a role with. 

  3. You will be taken to their profile, here click “Edit Profile” available in the top-right corner.

  1. Under the “Job” category, scroll down to the bottom to find the section called “Freshteam Roles”, here click on “ + Associate Roles” to get a list of the available roles inside Freshteam.

  1. Choose the role you want to assign and click “Assign” to add the role. 

  2. Click “Save Profile” to save the changes you made to the employee profile.