Accessible to Admin, Account Admin, HR Partner, Recruiter*, and Limited HR Partner

Note: If a recruiter has access to manage roles, he/she can manage approvals as well, ie, set conditions or rules for approvals. 

1. Firstly, to enable approval on roles for your Freshteam account, you have to enable it from Preferences under General Settings. Refer to the image below. 

2. Once you have enabled this, you can set approval rules and conditions to set it up. To set approval rules and conditions, go to Settings > Roles and Privileges, and select Approval Rules. 

3. In here, you can "Add New" Approval rule. Provide a Title for your rule, eg: Approval rule for HR Partner Role., Set your conditions from the list provided, ie, role name, department, primary team, office location, sub-department, and business unit. 

4. Once you have set the conditions, set your Approval Workflow, ie, who has to approve and how many stages of approval does the rule require, etc., You can also set the action required for each stage, like "Everyone needs to approve, or anyone can approve or just notify". Refer to the image below. Click on Add at the end of each stage to add the stage to the workflow. 

5. Once you are set, click Save to save the workflow which will automatically be applied when you assign a role.

6. When you assign a role that has sensitive privileges and requires approval like HR Partner which we now set approval workflow for, the dialog box like below will appear when you assign the role. 

7. After the necessary approval, the role will be assigned to the employee. 

Note: If you do not want Approvals for Roles in your account, disable it from General Settings.