Accessible to Admin, Account Admin and HR Partner. 

Any massive change in your organization that affects the information of all or some of your employees would require you to change that piece of information for every single employee. Doing it one by one is a task unimaginable and time-consuming. 

With Freshteam, you can get all the edits done in a few simple clicks, bulk edit employee information and get it going. In this article, we will show you how to do this. 

There are two ways to bulk edit Employee Information. 

  1. Through Employee Directory 

  • To begin with, go to Employees > Employee Directory. 

  • Here, choose the employees whose information you want to edit. Once you have chosen all the employees, click on the Bulk Actions option available on the top.

  • Here select Bulk Edit. The following popup will come.

  • Edit the fields you want to be changed and click Save to save the changes made for all the employees selected. 

2. Through CSV

  • To start the edit, go to Settings > Employee Information System > Import Employees From > File. 

  • After choosing “File” as your import option you will be taken to this page.

  • Here, choose “Update Existing Employee Records”.  

  • Select the data to be imported that is Current or Historical information. 

  • Under update existing employee records, choose if you want to add the information only for the employee who does not have it or if you want to replace the information for all employees by selecting the suitable radio button.

  •  Choose the CSV file from your local machine, upload it and start importing to make the changes. 

Note: Please format your CSV as in the attached sample CSV file. You can find a minimalistic and a full-blown version.