For any growing business, it is not only important to consolidate their employee information in a single place but they also have to ensure that their employee information is easily accessible. One should not ideally dig through multiple spreadsheets to find out a team member’s details. With Freshteam Mobile App, you can access employee information in a few seconds - through your mobile screen. 

How to View Employee Details on Freshteam Mobile App

1. Open your Freshteam Mobile App.

2. Navigate to ‘Employee’ on the bottom navigation bar.

3. On the screen, they will be able to see the following categories: manager, direct reports and peers, and the employees who fall under these categories. 

4. You can search for an employee by going to the Search bar -> Enter employee name -> Select employee -> Visit the employee’s profile.

5. The employee’s profile will show detailed information such as phone number, email address, organizational chart, their reporting manager information, work information, personal information, employment and education, compensation details, time off details, and much more.  Please note that the Admin can configure what fields to be visible on any employee’s profile.

6. Your employees can double-click on each one of these subcategories to view more information about that specific employee.

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