Once all the configuration is complete, you are ready to run an end-to-end payroll process.


Let us look at each of these steps one by one:

Adding the Payroll data to the employee profiles

The data entered against employee records will automatically display in the Payroll preview based on the payroll effective date. Any changes that missed the last period will also come into this period. Here is a detailed article on adding payroll data to employee profiles

Reviewing the Payroll Data Preview

Once the Paygroups are created and employees have been linked to their respective Paygroups, you can view the payroll information related to those employees from the payroll tab. 

This option is available under the Employees section in the left menu. 

This is what the Payroll preview screen looks like

Here are the key sections to note in the Payroll Preview screen. 


Paygroup: If you have more than one Paygroup, you can view the Payroll data across different Paygroups by selecting them from here. 

Period: The period will default to the current pay period. You can also choose to select a different period. The application will have a full history for the last 6 months. Pay periods will be based on the pay frequency setup in the Paygroup configuration.

Pay Period Status:

This provides you with a summary of all the changes for this period so can see them easily.

  • New employees - A count of the new joiners during that period.

  • Leavers - A count of the employees that were terminated during the period.

  • Total days absence - The total amount of unpaid absence for this period across all relevant employees

  • Number of Employees - The total number of employees in the Paygroup for this period.

Search for employees

You can search for employees to carry out spot checks on their salary information. The search is based on Employee ID, Email, Forename, or Surname. 

Payroll Info tab: This section provides a preview of the information that will be available in the download file. An employee record may be displayed more than once if they have had multiple changes to their salary or have bonus payments during this period. The fields displayed here are as follows:

  • Emp. ID - The employee's ID

  • Name (job title) - The forename and surname of the employee with their job title. You can access the employee 360 directly from here by clicking on the employee's name. 

  • Pay Type - there are two types of pay supported, Salary or Bonus relating to the salary and bonuses that can be assigned to the employee. An employee may have multiple rows with different salaries or bonuses if they received more than one change in this period.

  • Amount - The annual salary amount the employee receives.

  • Location - The employee's location (captured in the employee 360)

  • Effective date - the effective date of the salary/bonus that the employee is receiving. 

  • Email - the email address for the employee.

Time Off

The time off section will show any employees that have unpaid leave during this period and will therefore have an impact on their pay. Any unpaid leave that was accrued during this period will be displayed here. If unpaid leave was entered during the period for a previously ended period, then that will also display here. Unpaid leave for future periods will not be shown here.

Locking the Payroll Data

Once you have reviewed the payroll data and confirmed that no more changes are going to be processed in the current payroll period, you can lock the payroll using the Lock Payroll button. Any subsequent changes that could be effective in this period will now go into the next period. The system will record when the payroll was locked and by whom on screen. 

Generating the final file with the Payroll content

You can now download the final export of payroll data.

Contents of Payroll Extract

The payroll extract will have 3 separate sheets:

  • Employee Information - containing the key fields related to the employee. An employee will only appear here once

  • Salary Information - containing the salary information relating to the employee. The employee may appear here multiple times.

  • Absence Information - Containing the unpaid absence of an employee.


Employee Information

Salary Information

Absence Information

Employee Id

Employee Id

Employee Id

First Name

First Name

First Name

Middle Name

Middle Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Last Name

Last Name

Email Address

Email Address

Email Address

Home Address (Street, City, State/Province, Country, Post Code)

Paygroup Assigned On

Number of days absent without pay (LOP)

Date of Birth

Paygroup Removed On

Date Of Absence


Current Currency

Hours Absent

Marital Status

Pay Method

Total Daily Hours

Date Of Joining

Additional details on Compensation (Current Summary Notes)

Termination Date


Office Location

Current Salary Effective Date


Bonus Type

Cost Centre

Bonus Reason

Job Title/Designation

Bonus Amount

Name As Per Bank Account

Bonus Effective date

Bank Name

Bank Code

Account Number

Payroll Period rollover

Once the payroll is locked, the system will automatically roll over to the next period on the next period's start date. It is possible to view historical payroll periods as long as the system is running. 

What's next?