Accessible to Everyone.

There are several tasks one performs in Freshteam, small to big, you name it. Some of these tasks are redundant and repetitive that you would rather prefer to do in a single click, a wish granted. Use Shortcuts in Freshteam to make your life easier and smarter. Here is a quick look at where to access it and how to use it. 

1. To enable shortcuts, click on your profile avatar, present in the top-right corner. 

2. From the drop-down, you will see the first option as Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on View Shortcuts to see what are the different shortcut controls for different functions. 

Note: Usage of shortcut keys will be limited to actions for which you have privileges based on your role inside Freshteam. 

3. Once you know what your shortcuts are, click on the enable button to use them. 

Here are two pictures, one showing the shortcuts of an admin and another an employee, to help understand the difference in the keys based on privileges.