Accessible to everyone except Employee

An employee just put out their resignation? Retired? or Contract is over? Whatever the reason, once an employee's exit is initiated, there are a ton of procedures to do and documents to process. With Freshteam, you can start all this process as you initiate the exit by sending the relevant documents required. To do this, you have to first add the documents you need in Freshteam. Let us see how to do this, 

1. Go to Settings > Employee Information System > Offboarding > Documents. 

2. You can Add New documents by selecting the button in the top-right corner. 

3. Once you are in this screen, fill the Title, Description, choose your document (Static or Dynamic), you can use placeholders, if you want in the document. 

4. Choose if you want the employee to agree to the document by signing or otherwise or if you want to only notify the employee. 

5. Click Save to save the document, it will show when you are terminating an employee.