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Vendors are external consultants/agencies who help you recruit. You can add vendors to Freshteam as ‘Sourcing Partners’. Sourcing Partners can add candidates to specific jobs and track their hiring status. 

Adding a new vendor

  • Go to Settings> Job Setup > Vendors
  • Click on the Add a Vendor button to add a new vendor. 
  • When you do, a form slides out from the right. This form contains details like the Vendor’s name, their email, the source and source category you’d like to define for them. The Source and Source Category which you fill here gets automatically assigned to all the candidates added by the vendor. This will help you filter out the candidates added by the vendor, when you are scheduling interviews, viewing reports, etc. You can also display offer information to a vendor if you wish.

Note: You can create your own source and source category by simply typing it, you will get the option to "Add" which will automatically add the option to the list.

  • Clicking on ‘Add’ adds them to your account and sends them an activation email.

Once you’ve added a vendor to the system, you’ll also want to specify for which jobs they will source candidates.

Adding a vendor to a job

  1. Go to Recruit> Jobs and choose the job posting you wish to add the vendor to. 
  2. Click on 'View job details' near the job title. 
  3. Scroll to the end of the 'Add and attract candidates’ for the 'Managing Vendors’ button

  4. When you click on the button, you’ll be able to search for the vendor and add them as a sourcing partner for the job posting.

To know more about how vendors will work with Freshteam through the process, read this.

Here is a video explaining how to add vendors in Freshteam: