Vendors are agencies/contract recruiters who help you strengthen your candidate pipeline and recruit. You can add vendors to your Freshteam account and give them the ability to add candidates and check hiring status. 

Visibility and access

When a vendor is added to your Freshteam account, they will receive an activation email for your portal ( If they click on the login and set a password, they’ll be able to access specific parts of your Freshteam account. They can view the job postings to which you have added them as a sourcing partner and add/upload candidate profiles to those jobs.

A vendor can view only the candidate profiles that they've uploaded.

They can update resumes, edit candidate information and leave comments for the hiring team to view. In simple terms, they will have access to the “Profile” and “Conversations” section of the Candidate 360. They won’t have access to the timeline or interview tab. They can see the offer tab (read-only), if you gave them access to it while adding them to your Freshteam account.

Please note that under the “conversations” tab, vendors can view all public communication - any emails or notes that are not private. 


Vendors will receive a weekly summary of their candidate pipeline from Freshteam. To keep track of your vendor’s efforts and measure RoI, you can filter reports by source and source category of the vendor.