Tasks are a great way to outline what needs to be done before you, you know, do it. In Freshteam, you can not only create tasks but you can set due dates and assign them to other people. 

Creating tasks

1. Go to Tasks from the dashboard. 

2. Click on the '+Add New' button in the top band right side and choose task. 

3. You can create a new task inside the tasks page by clicking on the Add Task button. 

4. You can mark a task's status as 'Open', 'In Progress' and 'Completed; we can use these statuses to filter tasks. 

If you have the privileges of a recruiter, an admin or an account admin, you can assign tasks to other employees as well.

Creating candidate-specific tasks

When you create a task in a candidate's Candidate 360, the tag, 'Related to: <<candidate>>' gets filled in. This can help you keep track of which tasks are relevant to whom. Only recruiters, admins, account admins and hiring managers can create tasks on a candidate's Candidate 360 page. Panel members cannot create tasks on a candidate's Candidate 360 page.

Here's how you create them:

  • Go to the Candidate 360 page of the candidate you wish to create a task for.
  • Click on the Tasks tab and the 'Add Task' button in the center.
  • Every task will require a title and due date. You can assign the task to yourself or to other employees.
  • If the task is assigned to yourself, you can set the 'Remind before' field as well.

    Note: On the top right side of the new task screen, you'll notice that this task is associated to this candidate.