To keep interactions simple, intuitive and fun, we have multiple views in Freshteam: the Tile View, Kanban view, List view... terms we use across our other articles that might have confused you. In this article, we demystify the different views and explain how they can be of use.

The Tile View

This is the view of the job postings from Recruit > Jobs. It displays every job posting as a tile. 

These job tiles display the title of the job posting, the job role, the location, the type of role (full-time, contract etc.) and status of the job posting. The number to the top right corner indicates the number of new candidates that have been added to the job posting. Sections of the colored circle depict the various sources from where the candidates have entered the system.

You can sort and filter job postings based on a number of criteria and even save these settings as views.


Every tile also allows you to perform some quick actions with respect to the job posting through the more options icon (...).  

Kanban View

The kanban view is a kanban list and card view of candidates in a particular job posting.

Cards represent candidates in the list that corresponds to the hiring process stage they're in. You can move candidates through hiring process stages by dragging and dropping them under each stage. You can also perform bulk actions by selecting the required cards.

List View

You can also view candidates in a list form in a job posting if the kanban view is not your style.

You can move candidates across hiring process stages, in list form, by changing the stage in the "Stages" column. You can also easily perform bulk actions across hiring stages by selecting the right rows or in case you want to select all the candidates, the same can be done as well.