Freshteam displays a list of all published jobs (the default view) in a tile format, when you click on the 'Jobs' tab in the 'Recruit' view. This article explains how the view differs for different roles.

An employee's view

An employee will only be able to view the job posting and share it on their social handles - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - and through email.

Everyone else

If you are a recruiter, a hiring team member, an admin or an account admin, you'll be able to view candidate source information on the tile, in the form of the colorful circle in the center. You can also edit or make a copy of an existing job posting by clicking on the 'Details' button. 

Freshteam also allows you to save your filter options as 'views' for easy access. Say, you frequently look at job postings in a particular region and for particular roles - if you save these filter options as a view (click on the swoosh icon to the left of the filter name), you can access it easily in the drop-down.