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The status of a job posting denotes its visibility i.e. if the status of a job posting is 'Published internally', only employees can view the job posting and refer candidates to it. 

Freshteam has seven different job posting statuses -

1. Published:

A published job posting is visible to everyone in the career portal, all job embeds and the employee portal. Applicants can apply for the job posting from the career portal and job embeds. Employees can not just refer candidates but they can also share job postings on any of their favourite social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ - and through even good old email. 

2. Published internally:

When a job posting's status is 'Published internally', the posting will not be visible on the career portal or any job embeds. However, it will be visible to your employees on the employee portal so they can refer candidates.

Tip: A good practice would be to open up the job posting internally for at least 2 weeks, before publishing them in the career portal or other job boards.

3. Private:

A private job posting is visible only to the hiring manager and panel members. If you're hiring in a hush-hush manner, for say a C-level position or upper management, your job posting should be private.

4. On hold:

When a job posting is marked as 'on hold', Freshteam revokes it from the career portal and job embeds, and freezes it. No candidates can further be added to the posting, even if it's a referral candidate.

5. Closed:

Closed job postings are job postings that your teammates have filled. When you mark a job posting as closed, the posting is automatically revoked from the career portal and frozen. No more candidates can be added to this job posting. Move active candidates to a different job posting or archiving them before closing a job posting. Consider marking the status as 'On hold' and not 'Closed', if you don't.

6. Deleted:

We can delete a job posting when the requirements become invalid. Please note that you should move candidates to a different job posting or archive them before you delete a job posting. 

7. Draft: 

When you're working on a job posting, you can save it as a draft job posting. A draft job posting is an interim state maintained by the system. We can move this status to any other state whenever needed. Just remember that if you change a job posting from a draft state to any other state, it is not possible to bring it back to the draft state.

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