When you go to the 'Recruit' tab and click on a job posting, you get the Kanban style candidates view of it (see screenshot below). 

This article will help you understand the top band view of a specific job posting and the actions you can perform from it.

  • Add Candidates: You can add candidates to the job listing either directly, from the talent pool, as a referral or by import. If you'd like to know more about these options, read this.
  • Status and social sharing: The icon that looks like a ' v ' will help you change the job posting status and share the posting in social channels.

  • Lists, filters and reports:  You can
    • hgV5cPN82QiXI-BmDqV8GDJ7njIOTii0hA.pngChange the view from Kanban view to list view and vice versa
    • YjigA06xPbv_mbKEJ76Q-wJCtNARGgoZdA.png Pull up specific candidate sets by applying filters. You can save these filters as views.

    • bdh1RFfxJnOhUP-XbkAjQnXZpwq0ap9P4w.png View quick reports that gives you information about candidates by stage, application trends and offers made by status.

  • View Job Details: This button loads the job information page as seen below; you can edit the job information here and do much more.