Job application forms impact your career page’s overall user experience (UX), which directly impacts the first brand impression on the candidate. A well-designed form shows candidates that the brand is helpful, thoughtful, professional, tech-savvy, and enjoyable to work with. A poorly-designed form, on the other hand, may confuse the candidates. 

We are pleased to announce that now you would be able to design intuitive candidate application forms with sections in Freshteam. You can group logical fields together and create new sections based on the specifics of the job.


Adding a New Section

You can add a new candidate section with a few simple steps -

1. Click on ‘View job details' on the relevant job

2. Click on the ‘Application Form’ in the navigation menu at the top

3. Once the slide-in opens up from the right, you should be able to see various options to customize the application form based on your access.

4. You can click on the ‘Add section’ button and a pop-up will come up on the screen.

5. You can enter the ‘Label’ and the ‘Description’ in the pop-up to add this new section.

6. The new section will be added and you can add the relevant fields in this section from the menu of available fields on the right or drag a specific field from one of the existing sections.

7. And Voila! You have added a new section in your application form and can add relevant fields.

8. Don’t forget to save before you exit

You can re-order existing sections based on your preference by a simple drag and drop.

Deleting an Existing Section

Warning : If you delete an existing section/ field from the application form you will lose all data which you might have stored in this section so far.


If you do not want to lose the data, just edit the field and hide it from all the forms. This way you will not lose your old data but we won't show this to new candidates.

What's Next?