Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Freshteam lets you integrate with Hacker Earth, an online coding software that you can use to send tests to your candidates. Let us see how to integrate. 

1. Go to Settings > Productivity > Integrations. 

2. Under Assessments you will find Hacker Earth. Click the Enable button. 

3. You see that Freshteam asks for the Client ID and Client Secret to enable the integration. 

4. Go to your HackerEarth setting page, find the API option in the side list. 

5. Copy and paste the ID and secret in Freshteam, click Done. Your integration is enabled. 

Note:   Only the tests that are marked as "Private" on HackerEarth will be shown on Freshteam. Please mark the tests as "Private" on HackerEarth to send them to candidates directly from Freshteam.