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As soon as you create and publish your job posting in Freshteam, you will see a pop up with an option to post to free boards. Switch the toggle to yes.

Once you have switched the toggle to yes, you will see another pop up with the list of all job boards you can post to. You can either choose them all or simply post to a select few.

Note: ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn job boards require you to fill out some mandatory fields when you wish to publish jobs to them. You can fill them out and hit publish.

Also, LinkedIn is free only if your ATS is a LinkedIn partner, like Freshteam. This means Freshteam customers have the exclusive benefit of posting to LinkedIn for $0. One last thing, LinkedIn takes up to 48 hours to take your job posting live, so give it time before you can see your ! 

Posting jobs on Multiple job boards - A Video:

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