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Different people work differently. So for ease of use, Freshteam has a set of default filters for different views, like 'Active candidates' for candidate views and 'Published jobs' for job posting views, etc. One can use a combination of these filters and filter more precisely and exclusively as need be. Let us see how to do this.

1. First, to view your filters, go to Recruit > Candidates/ Jobs / My Referrals.

2. Here you will find the filter directly below the page name. 

Here is an example of default candidates filters within a job posting.

Here is an example of default filters within a job posting.

Creating a new filter view:

  • Click on the Filter icon to the right of the screen-B2-BsKjivwKFR_7hKEw7hK_oNfSI1YhkXw.png
  • Add all the different filters you want. 
  • Apply and fetch your result. 
  • Now to save these combination of filters as one quick view, select the tick that comes up next to the filter name on the left side. 
  • It will say Save As, click it to proceed. 

  • When you Save a filter view, you also get an option to save the filter view only for you or for everyone.